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    .... The local company you can count on.

    .... With a local office in Jacksonville Florida  - Phone 904-524-9179




The process is easy. 

1.  First call to get a price quote 904 524 9179.   We strive to give you the fairest and lowest price - we need to know the address of service so that we can calculate the miles to the job.  


2.   We offer special services such as "hard to serve" or serving "avoiders".  This is a specialty developed from my U.S. Army Special Forces training.  I have over 10 years serving as a process server and have received many references and accolades for making almost "impossible" serves happen.  There is an additional fee for special services depending upon the complexity or difficulty of the serve.  Hard to serve fee is $50 extra.


3.  We accept e-docs and can do your job on the same day that you call.  We ask that you scan a check and then deposit it in the mail box the same or the next day so that we have it in our office by the end of the job. 


4.  We take pictures of each job, when possible.  If we non-serve your paper, we will provide a photo and a due diligence affidavit. 


5.  We have a Florida licensed P.I. available and if you send us a job, and the address is wrong or incomplete, we will do a free skip trace for you to correct the address.  If we have already made attempts at the address you provided, you will be only charged for service at a second address and not for the skip trace.


6.  Our service is guaranteed.  If you quote you a fee for same day service, it will be served in that same day.  If we promise next day service, your papers will be served the next day.  If we are unable to serve because the defendant/witness is unavailable, we will make two attempts on the same day promised, early and late.


EMAIL SERVICE - please call us first - 904-524-9179 or  Vel@popeprocess.com

2.  E-Mail service - when you call for a quote you will be provided our secure e-mail account to send your documents.  We will advance witness fees if requested.  You calculate the fee.

3.  We accept documents up to 20 pages, beyond 20 pages, we request 20 cents a page for each page over the 20 page limit.

4.  When you get a "receipt" from our office, via e-mail, your job is accepted and in our system. We will attempt service within 48 hours for routine service.

5.  All services require fees paid in advance.  When you e-mail your documents to us, place in the body of the e-mail "I agree to pay Pope Process Inc. the fee of $_____" and enter the fee you were quoted.  Your fee will never exceed the requested and agreed upon amount.  Then we request you send us a check so that we have it in our office by the time the proof is ready to be sent out.

6. When your job is served, we will e-mail you that your job is served.

7.  We will prepare the proof and scan to you prior to being placed in the mail.  We normally prepare and mail proofs within 5 days, but if you need your proof sooner, just let us know.

8.  We attempt to get the witness or defendant to sign their acceptance of the documents, but it is not mandatory that they sign and sometimes they refuse.  If they do sign, we will forward that acceptance to you with the proof.  We also try to provide a picture at every serve and we will send you a copy upon request.  We always send a picture of the abode when "non-served".

MAIL SERVICE - (We prefer to receive mail at our Saint Johns office).


1.  Mail your documents to Pope Process Inc.  450 State Road 13 North, Suite106, Saint  Johns, Florida 32259. 

2.  Enclose the agreed upon fee made out to Pope Process Inc.

3.  Include two copies of the summons or writ.

4.  If you are sending an original that must be returned to your court, please place a Post-It note on it saying "Return".

5.  Please place a Post-It note on the service package "Serve"

6.  Please clearly mark any documents that you want returned "Return to us"

7.  We will need the full name and address of the person to be served, including if they are a JR or a SR.  We appreciate any additional information concerning the witness/defendant that you feel may be helpful, including a picture if a hard to serve paper.

8.  We must know if the service requested is PERSONAL SERVICE ONLY or if SUBSTITUTE/ABODE/NOTORIOUS service is permitted.  If so please advise the minimum age for service in  your state and any other requirements for an out of state service.



450 State Road 13 North, Suite 106

Saint Johns, Florida 32259

(Alternate: 4495 Roosevelt Blvd #304, Jacksonville, FL 32210)

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