The Florida Bar will not permit us to call ourselves "paralegals".  We are considered non-lawyers and can only be called paralegals when we work under an attorneys supervision. 

We are non-lawyers who will assist you to fill in the forms and file your case for you.  We will then serve it for you at an affordable package price depending upon the level of services.    Almost every document must be notarized, we will notarize all your documents for you included in one low fee.

You will be expected to assist because the information must come from  you.  If custody or support is an issue, you will have to fill out the "Florida Long Form Financial Affidavit".  It takes at least one hour for you to plug in  your numbers.  Be prepared to spend some time working on your documents - the paralegal can assist but you have to  have the information available and ready.

We care about our clients and we promise you that we will do our best to quickly, efficiently and correctly assist you to fill in all the forms for your divorce.

Level 1 - Uncontested divorce - no children no property  Short financial form required.  $350 includes notary, filing and service of process.

Level 2    Uncontested divorce - with children or property Long Form financial form required. $550 includes notary, filing and service of process.

Level 3:  Contested divorce - we cannot appear on your behalf and can only assist you in filing the correct answer or counter petition on your spouse.  We highly recommend that you come to an agreement with your spouse before seeking the dissolution.  Work out your differences and agree or you will probably appear in front of a Magistrate who will make the decisions for you, or a Mediator.  Mediation is expensive.  I highly recommend that you seek an attorney to learn your legal rights if you are contesting and or asking for alimony or child support or have issues over visitation and custody.    A contested divorce  may involve a counter-petition and other supporting documents.   We do not handle a contested divorce - you will need an attorneys advice.  We cannot answer any legal questions whatsoever.

Court costs are additional.  They vary but average $400 plus the $10.00 cost of the summons.

Service of process and filing of the Affidavit of service with the Clerk is included in our service.  You may download all the documents you need from the Florida web site and get started today with your divorce: 

   *Our paralegals have graduated from the University of Florida paralegal program with an "A" average.  All our paralegals have a bachelor degree, are notaries and are certified to serve papers in Duval and Saint Johns County.  All have at least ten years experience in all phases of legal assistance and service of process. 

*** Please make note that we are non-lawyers, we cannot offer or give legal advice, we cannot represent you in court or act on your behalf, and we cannot sign your name on any document.